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Join a Department


Combat The Patent Prices has multiple departments that you can work in to help fight for affordable prescription drug prices. We are always looking for dedicated high school and college students to take on roles as instructors.

The departments include our Grassroots Social Media Campaign, Blog & News, Debate, Policy, & Outreach.

Our Social Media Campaign works on putting out the latest information regarding Big Pharma, the fight for prescription drug prices, House mandates, & our events.

The Blog & News team works heavily on creating comprehensible student resources regarding latest discussions in pharmaceutical corporations and the affordable medication battle.

Our Debate Teams sets up weekly meetings to discuss latest House sides & opinions an identify the changes being implemented.

The Policy Team works towards analyzing current & historic bills in drug pricing reformation along with occasionally drafting their own ideas as potential policies for change.

Our outreach team works with other patient advocacy organizations and the Rx Allies committee to find out most important & pressing current issues in the healthcare sector. 




Donate to our Cause

Thank you for donating to us. Your contributions go a long way in helping both our organization and the movement to lower prescription drug prices.

1. Funding our Advocacy Events

Our advocacy events feature prominent advocates & speakers aiming to fight against Big Pharma for affordable prescription drug prices. To continue doing such events, we will use these funds for platform hosting & speaker sessions.

2. Direct funding towards chapters 

As a national nonprofit, we have various teams across the United States. We use a portion of our funds to provide each team with the resources to provide students with experiences of the utmost quality. 



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