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The government has been banned from negotiating Medicare drug prices since the creation of the Part D prescription drug benefit in 2006. Instead, the optional private plans through which Americans get Medicare drug benefits negotiate with drugmakers.

The "Implement Federal Caps" initiative works with policymakers and advocates lobbying for the Democrats' H.R.3 bill in an effort to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices through the federal government.

The efforts of this bill and others however are unable to pass in the senate due to to lack of Republican support. However with the "Implement Federal Caps" intiative, we are actively working with republican supporters and other patient advocacy organizations to help extend bipartisan support for this bill and others that aim to lower prescription drug prices.

PhRMA, the lobbying organization that represents brand-name drugmakers, came out strong this month against the administration’s first drug-pricing action, a measure in Biden’s sprawling covid relief package that is expected to result in drugmakers paying higher rebates to state Medicaid programs for their drugs.

However with an aim to foster change, Patient Advocacy Organizations including Combat The Patent Prices are fighting back against PhRMA and encouraging these federal cap implementations on life-saving prescription drugs.

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